09 Nov 2020

Abandon stream: Part 2

It's been a few months since I left Apple Music to figure out something new as part of the #SovietTough brief. Here's where I've ended up:

  • • Store: Bleep, 7digital, Bandcamp
  • • Library: Homelab running a Samba directory filled with FLACs
  • • iTunes: Swinsain
  • • Speaker: HomePod

I rigged up my HomeLab to host a Samba server. Then Swinsain acts is my library/player: it comes with a preference flag to automagically check a network drive for updates, then I'm playing out via AirPlay to a HomePod.

I'll be changing this to an amp and speaker rig soon I hope 😍

Full nerd. Damn though, I'd forgotten how expensive music is. Convincing myself buying is better than renting in this scenario and that artists might actually see a slither of that coin. 💰


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They have worked for the likes of Nike, Vodafone, Sky, Disney and Pearsons. Won awards from Promax, BAFTAs, the Appys and The Drum. Spoken at The Waldorf and Southampton University - despite swearing like a sailor. Available for hire to draw pretty curves and code clever things.