15 Nov 2022

UK Treasury joins chat app Discord and is met with torrent of abuse

That means the Treasury’s server has been eagerly posting automated messages such as, “Welcome, LOCK UP PRINCE ANDREW. We hope you brought pizza”, and “Welcome Jeremy Corbyn. Say hi!”. The latter does not appear to be the real account of the former leader of the opposition.

One reliable facet of British culture is that it invariably finds a way to take the piss out of authority.

Others have embraced the fact that letters are included in the list of emoji, and more than 100 people have apparently coordinated to attempt to write out the chancellor’s name, “Hunt”, underneath the post. Unusually, however, every one of them seems to have made the same typing error, accidentally spelling out a vulgarity instead.

The fallout from Apartheid Clyde's takeover of twitter continues.

15 Nov 2022

my website is one binary

i place an extremely high value on systems that i am capable of understandingand trivially maintaining front-to-back as a single individual. i like human-friendly code that is optimized for readability, and i like extremely fastfeedback loops. i like fun and cleverness and being cute too.

Excellent vibes here.

07 Nov 2022

Twitter Impodes

Howard Mittelmark nails the post-twitter vibe:

With all the talk about migrating to mastodon, I'm starting to picture myself as a tribal elder who realizes he has already made his last migration as he watches everyone pack up their furs and babies and earthenware pots and start traveling south ahead of the advancing glacier.

Boom. 👊

06 Jul 2022

Eevee Beat Tape Discography

Been thoroughly enjoying this beat-tape from Eevee. Her discography to date is available for the bargain price of £10 ($12) from Bandcamp. I'm sure it's no coincidence I now want to buy a SP-404 MkII to plink away on in the countryside.

06 Jul 2022

The mars company

As for stakeholderism, or what Mars calls mutuality, it says it puts the interests of customers, workers, suppliers, communities and the environment alongside those of the family shareholders. That comes with some big investments, such as $1bn to support sustainable initiatives such as renewable energy, and a policy of paying its taxes in full. But when it talks about these publicly, it is mostly because they are germane to its business. It does not wade into political debates, nor does it pontificate on every social issue.

The Mars company tale is an interesting one. From the Economist


Cities 11SovietTough 11Design 9Music 7Architecture 7Crypto 5NFTs 5Space 5Low Power 5Robust Computing 5Code 5OpenBSD 4Hacking 4GameDev 4Hip Hop 4Walkman 3Headphones 3Web3 3Engineering 3Javascript 3CSS 3Google 3No Bullshit 3Development 3Trains 3Low power 2Swift 2Cloud 2Apple Music 2Politics 2History 2Carbon 2LowTech 2Solar 2Protocols 2Hip-Hop 2London 2Housing 2Halfway house 2Twitter 2Fashion 2RSS 2Transport 2

Chancee is a designer who codes from London Town.

They have worked for the likes of Nike, Vodafone, Sky, Disney and Pearsons. Won awards from Promax, BAFTAs, the Appys and The Drum. Spoken at The Waldorf and Southampton University - despite swearing like a sailor. Available for hire to draw pretty curves and code clever things.


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UK Treasury joins chat app Discord and is met with torrent of abuse

my website is one binary

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