12 Apr 2020

Marvellous glass

Got an iPad Pro and having had a week with it...I think I'm a convert. For a while I've been looking for a way to work on the fly - without taking a laptop with me. Thrice weekly trips to Bleecker (pre Corona) and whipping out a MacBook got a bit long.

As a sketchbook replacement it's extremely viable but I started wondering about what else can I do, so I got started with Prompt from Panic; logging into the Homelab to do some tinkering, and it doesn't suck. I don't think I'm the only one either:

The @BlinkShell on an iPad Pro is truly a marvel 😍🤓 I guess this is a dev machine now 😎

— Jessie Frazelle (@jessfraz) April 11, 2020

Now I'm considering using it as a primary device. Some of the vector drawing apps are easily contenders for the MacOS equivalents with mouse and keyboard support. It's all a bit marvellous.