21 Sep 2020

Freelance in 2020

Entering the last quarter of 2020, and looking at my current workload: I've just noticed I've accidentally walked into a fucking bear trap.

I currently have about five active projects. With five individual clients/companies. On anyone day, any of them have a question, request or need. Do they use email for this? no.

They each use a shiny new Atom based piece of shit like Teams, Slack, Discord...fucking Skype. So at anyone time I have all three running: rinsing battery and processor cycles. I don't check them as regularly as I should, and I often have notifications off.

I'm not entirely sure what this state of play is meant to benefit? We solved these problems decades ago, some before I was born. Email for formal correspondence, IRC channels for specific projects. Everyone is conversant in email, conversation threads, folders. IRC has no persistence, but have you actually ever tried scrolling up in these Atom applications? It's an exercise in frustration and I'd wager you ask the correspondent to send the thing again. This is high calibre bullshit yo.

The drive for immediacy has actually eroded our ability to group think and problem solve, C-Suite rarely exist in these applications, so a crucial decision making part of the system is still running via emails and flesh.

A CEO is not going to be taking part in your daily Slack meme fest. And you don't want them to either. If they are earning x20 your salary, you'd better hope they have something better to do than finding just the right Bad Place gif.

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