13 Dec 2020

Chrome is bad

I had noticed WindowsServer going batshit recently and didn't think too much of it, but then Amit Patel tweeted this.

Google is a fucking shady company in the same style as Adobe is. Loren Brichter has made a very good #NoBullshit site with instructions to purge yourself of this crap.

To all the good people at Google who work on Chrome: something is going on between the code you're writing and what is happening on people's computers. I hope you can track it down and give us an honest postmortem.

Shady shady fuckers. I recommend Brave as a viable Chrome replacement for MacOS. Although you should be using Safari, less power hungry.

Edit: The author of that post is getting some flak, I can only imagine from the same bait-breathed people who claim Android is a good OS despite all evidence to the contrary.