13 Feb 2021

Fuck google: Part II

Jannes Meyer exposing some more google nonsense:

Google is acting dirty with YouTube in other browsers as well. I am 100% convinced they are sniffing the user agent and degrade the experience for certain browsers on purpose.

For example, in iOS Safari the desktop version of has a completely broken picture-in-picture feature on the video element.

But if you open exactly the same page in iOS Brave (just a skin over the same engine because Apple doesn't allow competing browser engines) you suddenly get working picture-in-picture playback.

The funny thing is: A website doesn't have to do anything special to support PIP (introduced in iOS 14). Every video element automatically received that button. Google had to go out of their way to break this feature in Safari. (I assume they don't want to allow it because it competes with YouTube Premium, which specifically advertises "background play" as one of the paid features).

Nasty company.