02 Apr 2021

Sony NW-A55L FTW

I wrote about picking up a new Walkman right as lockdown was starting to bite. What fucking great purchase that has become.

Before dropping some cash on new speakers, I was checking what I could squeeze from my Walkman + Bose speakers. Along the way I unlocked the European soft cap on volume limits AND a radio. For some reason these were blocked in Europe. Now I have a Shiit Vali 2 on pre-order: gots to get those fancy blubs and blinkenlights going on 🙊

Hat tip to MrWalkman for the awesome code.

Aside: I've spent - no shit - a month shopping for a method to pull my FLACs from the HomeLab via an amp and then into some speakers to give me something to bounce to whilst working. I was thinking something like the Yahama N303D which can access a server via DLNA for music, power some passive speakers and has a tuner. So an amplifier + speakers could easy be plus £ I've broken out my soldering iron.