14 Jun 2021

Gemini and robust computing

Gemini is a new internet protocol which: Is heavier than gopher, Is lighter than the web, Will not replace either, Strives for maximum power to weight ratio, Takes user privacy very seriously

Although real time notifications, logs, search - meta and keyword are all possible, how many exist in the front-line chat apps you use? iMessage is a decade old and I still don't have a way to access old photos in there, or search for a conversation from a particular day.

The ascent of humanity isn't a continuous upward trend. Is gigafibre likely to reach Africa or India at decent penetration? Nope. Is the UK government likely to pull a Nigeria and build a Great British Firewall? Probably. Are we likely to see trade wars, lack of materiel and climate change effecting infrastructure? Certainly. Are the big players going to keep carving out gardens? Yup.

Having a Plan B is sensible.

For a Mac OS Gemini client I've been using Lagrange - which is a very polished accomplishment for being less than a year old.

I've been tinkering with running Gemini on OpenBSD to mirror this site using Vger using these tutorials: One and Two.