12 Dec 2021

Website carbon

Although this is a clever branding exercise for the creator agency Wholegrain Digital - it's well executed.

Naturally I placed through it and was surprised it came back so poorly:

Hurrah! This web page is cleaner than 91% of web pages tested, Only 0.10g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page.

Although 0.10g doesn't sound like a lot* it would equate to 11.66kg per year serving 10,000 views a month. Most of this load comes from serving two web fonts - removing those has brought down the load to 0.02g per view/2kg per year.

A 60% cut in emissions is worth dropping the typeface for.

* Presumably apart from the wire-costs of transmitting the data this could be brought to zero via something like LowTechMagazine's solar powered server. 🤔

Chancee is a designer who codes from London Town.

They have worked for the likes of Nike, Vodafone, Sky, Disney and Pearsons. Won awards from Promax, BAFTAs, the Appys and The Drum. Spoken at The Waldorf and Southampton University - despite swearing like a sailor. Available for hire to draw pretty curves and code clever things.