15 May 2022

Why African fashion is having its moment

The continent is one of the most diverse places on the planet, with differences in languages, climates, comminities and post-colonial impacts that influence many societies. This has led to the evolving fashion and culture scene we’re witnessing right now in multiple countries across Africa. From the flourishing Afropunk scene in Johannesburg to the dandy sapeurs of Kinshasa, each region has its own rich subculture and harnessing organizations, like Lagos Fashion Week and the African Fashion Foundation in Ghana, contributing to the overall movement. “The fashion scene in Africa is as diverse as the continent. You can’t compare the scene in Nigeria with the one in Cameroon or Morocco,” says Iyassi. Oke-lawal agrees, adding: “We are all at very different stages of infrastructure, development, financial dependency and even retail. One thing that’s for sure is we are figuring it out on our own and building from within.”

This is going to be exciting as fuck to watch develop. The article links to a show at SS22 Paris Fashion but has some stunning examples in the body.

“When we’re creating our work it is like we’re actually educating people,” says Adeju Thompson, Founder and Creative Director of Lagos Space Program. “I don’t think we’re necessarily waiting to get a seat at the table.

Right on.