15 Nov 2022

UK Treasury joins chat app Discord and is met with torrent of abuse

That means the Treasury’s server has been eagerly posting automated messages such as, “Welcome, LOCK UP PRINCE ANDREW. We hope you brought pizza”, and “Welcome Jeremy Corbyn. Say hi!”. The latter does not appear to be the real account of the former leader of the opposition.

One reliable facet of British culture is that it invariably finds a way to take the piss out of authority.

Others have embraced the fact that letters are included in the list of emoji, and more than 100 people have apparently coordinated to attempt to write out the chancellor’s name, “Hunt”, underneath the post. Unusually, however, every one of them seems to have made the same typing error, accidentally spelling out a vulgarity instead.

The fallout from Apartheid Clyde's takeover of twitter continues.